Don't Let the Winter Cold Idle Your Equipment!
Install a Propane or Natural Gas Operated Universal Engine Block Pre-Heater (Must Specify which gas)

Universal Engine Heater's Outstanding Features Include:

- Propane - Natural Gas Heaters may be used on any Liquid Cooled Engine
- Two Models are available:
          PG-25-RSV - 10,400 BTU
          PG-55-RSV - 28,000 BTU

- No electrical Outlet is required
- High-pressure regulator is included
- More than adequate Heat Output for Below-Zero Degree
- Optional 12 Volt Electric Ignitor
- Maximum Fuel Consumption is One Gallon per Four Hours
- Insures Summer-Like Starting in the Severest Winter Weather
- Heats and Circulates Warm Coolant throughout the Engine
  By Thermo-Siphon Action, Heats the Metal plus Oil Film Between
  Moving Parts
- Assures Fast Starts, Instant Lubrication, Warm Engine Efficiency
  and Fuel Savings
- Over Fifty (50) Years on the Market!




Sold By:

Universal Engine Heater Company, Inc.
6333B Rocky Pines Way    PO BOX 250
Nine Mile Falls, WA  99026

(888) 566-1220 - Toll Free
(509) 276-5923
(509) 276-9257 - Fax
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